Socially Ready

Nazareth offers a wide variety of activities, clubs, festivities, student organizations and leadership opportunities that prepare students to participate in all aspects of college life. Students have many opportunities to develop their talents and interest outside the classroom and to contribute positively to the life of the school through activism and passion projects. We believe a well-rounded education continues outside the classroom and better prepares our students to be college bound and ready.

Our Clubs include, but are not limited to the following:
› Anime / Comic Book Club
› Anti-Bullying Club
› Art Club
› Book Club
› Bowling Club
› Brother’s United Club
› Chess
› Choir
› Cooking “Chopped” Club
› Creative Writing
› Dance
› Decorating “Pinterest” Club
› Engineering
› Excalibur Newspaper
› Gaming Club
› Junior Statesmen of America
› Life “HACKS” Skills
› Marching Band
› National Honor Society
› Pre-Med Club
› Robotics
› Sisters Reaching Out
› Slam Poetry
› Step Team
› Student Government
› Yearbook
› Xaverian Brothers Campus Ministry