Education at Nazareth
A quality school leader perceives, as part of his or her pedagogical philosophy, learning to be the inalienable right of all students and that enacting such ideals be the primary duty of the institution. To ensure equitable practices for all, we believe in shaping a school environment that favors multicultural education and employs teaching practices that promote differentiated instruction, multiple intelligences, alternative assessments, and a distinct design for learning.

Here at Nazareth RHS, we remained focused on advancing our academic standing through: increased rigor, curriculum development (& alignment to standards and assessments), assessment literacy and the employment of alternative instructional strategies, test-prep, parent & community involvement, training of faculty to ensure quality instruction, the use of data to identify trends and bridge achievement gaps, evaluating and increasing course offerings and programs, enhancing aspects of student-life, and supporting diverse learners & varied learning styles.
It is our duty to spark intrigue in our students and guide them in their journey of becoming independent thinkers and productive members of society.

Academics Contacts

Ms. Nancy Roberts Assistant Principal for Academics 718-763-1100 ext. 248

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Welcome Message

Read a welcome message from Nazareth Regional High School

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Academic Programs

Nazareth Regional High School strives to inspire our student’s unique talents, while balancing their critical and creative thinking across the curriculum.

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Personal or Academic, our Guidance Department is available to offer counseling to all of our students.

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Honor Roll

Our students work hard to achieve academic distinction

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Nazareth Graduates

More than 95 percent of our graduates have attended two-and four-year colleges and received over $5 million in scholarship assistance.

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Graduation Requirements

All students at Nazareth are required to meet a specific amount of course requirements for graduation.

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