Graduates of Nazareth RHS Will Be:

Reflective: They give meaningful and thoughtful consideration to their learning experiences. They are able to understand where they succeeded as well as where they can improve.

Moral: Our graduates understand how to differentiate between what is right from wrong, and have the conviction to take a clear stance on his or her belief.

Humble: They will exercise humility in face of achievement and failure. While encompassing the teachings of Christ and the morals of the Xaverian Brotherhood, our graduates have learned to accept accolades without excess of emotion and accept failure without an outpouring of defeat.

Inquirers: They develop a life-long intellectual curiosity about the world and maintain a sense of wonder and imagination into their adult years. They also develop the necessary skill-sets to acquire the information they are curious about in the 21st-century world.

Thinkers: They apply thinking skills that are independent and critical as they approach new problems and new information.

Communicators: They understand their ideas and express them thoughtfully and deliberately in either a public or private arena. Our graduates can do so in more than one language and are conscious of not only content, but also the audience and purpose.

Compassionate: Our Graduates show compassion for all members of society. This starts with strong listening skills and a foundation of understanding that every person you encounter has something valuable to offer.

Open-minded: They understand and appreciate their own cultures, religions, and personal histories and are able to understand and respect other cultures and religions. They graduate knowing that it is better to accept others’ beliefs than to judge others’ beliefs because acceptance is the true definition of Christian values.

Proactive: Our graduates are leaders. They do not simply wait for opportunities to present themselves. They are taught to be assertive and to use tact in order to achieve their goals.

Colleges and Universities

Consistently during the past four years, more than 95 percent of our graduates have attended two-and four-year colleges and received over $5 million in scholarship assistance. Some of the colleges where Nazareth students have been accepted and awarded scholarships were: