Welcome to Nazareth Regional High School!

On behalf of our Board of Trustees, our esteemed president, our gifted faculty and staff, and our valued students and families, it is an honor to welcome you to our school. In these unprecedented times, our school community has, through the grace of God, persevered and been granted the strength to endure.

This year will bring with-it new challenges and obstacles. As a community, we remain vigilant and evermore mindful of our mission: to maintain a rigorous academic environment and afford students the opportunity to develop in a spiritual, academic, social-emotional, personal, and physical capacity.

At Nazareth RHS, we seek to establish innovative program initiatives, foster core catholic values (as part of our mission to uphold the Xaverian Brothers tradition), encourage the personal and professional development of our faculty and staff, engage families and the local community, and promote a safe, and conducive, learning-environment for students.

Here at Nazareth RHS, we operate as a collaborative family, incorporating the perspectives of parents, students, staff & faculty in our daily decision-making. We promote a culture that subscribes to the notion that communication is key and that a village not only raises a child, but educates one, as well.

Our faculty & staff promote a supportive climate that fosters the growth and passion of the student. Each faculty member highlights an open forum for thought & creativity wherein the student flourishes and begins building self-confidence and a broadened sense of purpose.

We thank everyone for the continued support and encouragement and are thrilled for the prospects of welcoming you to the Nazareth community.

May Christ bless you and your family.