Academically Ready

Our tradition of strong academics and rigor is evident in our graduation rate that is near or at 100% every year. This is even more exceptional as each student takes the most demanding college preparatory courses possible. We emphasize strong academic preparation for all students that includes honors placement, advanced placement and general college courses.

Nazareth’s curriculum and technology are designed to motivate students, create a love of learning and prepare students to succeed after graduation. At Nazareth, we believe that all students can succeed and thrive in post-secondary education. We assist our students by identifying, analyzing and developing their skills to be College Bound and Ready!

Our curriculum goes beyond state standards, juniors and seniors take college classes and have the potential to earn more than 50 college credits, while still in high school. Every student receives free PSAT and SAT preparation. Additional assistance is available through Advisory, peer tutoring and teacher support.