2024 Campaign

Brother Matthew Burke Scholarship Fund

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Brother Matthew Burke was a former teacher and principal at Nazareth during the 60s and 70s who was beloved by many. In November 2020 at age 82, he passed away from a dementia related illness.

In his deserving memory, Nazareth Regional HS, with the help/support of alumni, formalized the Brother Matthew Burke Scholarship Fund with a core focus on recognizing deserving juniors as they enter their senior year as well as building a source of funds to help the school towards projects that benefit all students. This is an annual scholarship fund open to donations by all and is now in its 4th year – having reached the cumulative $100K mark this past year.

In addition to the juniors who receive an award, we will allocate the remaining total amount (after deducting $20k which we will carry forward) towards helping select students of any year with financial aid, assisting the school with projects/capital improvements benefiting a broader base of students, and perhaps even starting an endowment in Brother Matthews that invests in the school’s growth. No funds will be released for the purposes above without the BMSF Committee review and approval. The decision of how the funds will be allocated will be made at the end of May each year.

The recipients of this scholarship will display the values and principles that Brother would have supported – based on objective and subjective criteria, including:

  • Financial need
  • GPA
  • Community/service to others
  • Christian faith
  • Strong values including the respect and inclusion of others
  • Commitment to action
  • Passion for achieving and learning
Brother Matthew Burke Scholarship Fund

Thank You!

Thanks to the continued generosity of many alumni, family and friends – the 2021, 2022 and 2023 Campaigns raised $101,640. This provided $55,000 in scholarship assistance to 24 qualified Juniors and allowed us to allocate $20,000 towards improvements/projects benefiting a broader base of students. A great accomplishment!

The Goal for the 2024 Campaign is


With your support, we together can positively impact a young student’s future while continuing to foster the legacy of a great leader, teacher, and principal.