Dress Code

Students are expected to arrive at school dressed for school. There will be no changing clothing at lockers or otherwise in the hallways. Failure to abide by this rule will result in calls home and detention.


Khaki or black dress pants worn at the waist and with a properly fitted length which can be purchased in any store; no denim or cargo pants permitted. Belts must be worn. Nazareth polo shirts in either maroon, pink, or gray only (long or short sleeve). Must be tucked in to pants or skirt. Plain white dress shirt without any large logos can be worn tucked in (long or short sleeve). Boys must wear tasteful ties if wearing a dress shirt. Ties are optional for girls.
Nazareth V-neck sweaters, cardigans or blazers are optional for boys and girls.
Black, leather dress shoes only. Shoes must have leather upper and soles. Absolutely no boots, sandals, open toe, or high heels may be worn. Uggs are not permitted. No Coach, Prada, Louis Vuitton branded shoes, etc. No sneakers.


Uniform black skirt worn at the knee.(must be purchased through Ideal)
Socks/Leg gings (girls) Panty hose, knee socks or leggings only During the year, students are permitted to “dress down” and “dress up” for various occasions such as school trips and special events. The following policies pertain to acceptable attire that can be worn:

1. Jeans, and non-uniform pants that must be worn properlyon the waist. Jeans or pants cannot have holes, frayed cuffs, or decals. NO SHORTS.
2. Sweaters, sweatshirts, blouses and knit tops are permitted. No cut-off or sleeveless tops may be worn. No mid-riff skin may show, and tops cannot be low cut. There can be no distasteful expressions written on tops.
3. Only sneakers or shoes may be worn. No boots, sandals, or high heels.
4. No hats or head coverings of any kind are permitted.
5. No undergarments can be showing.
6. Dress pants, skirts, dresses, blazers, dressy sweaters, shirts, or blouses maybe worn as long as they are appropriate in length and not low cut. Students must arrive and leave the building in full dress code and may not change clothes unless they have permission from the Assistant Principal or Principal. Dress code is in effect on all school days, including examinations days and special schedule days. The school reserves the right to determine if a student’s attire is unacceptable, and will send violators home to change and return to school.


1. Students are not permitted to wear unacceptable clothing at any time, including days when students are excused from wearing the uniform. Dress down guidelines for proper clothing is posted in each classroom.
2. Headwear of any type may not be worn in school or around the school premises at any time or at any extra-curricular events. Hats can and will be confiscated.
3. Students are not permitted to wear jewelry or accessories that the school deems ostentatious and inappropriate. Such jewelry includes but is not limited to ornate neckwear,belt buckles, finger rings, gold teeth, and facial piercings.
4. Jackets and coats must be placed in the student’s locker at the beginning of the day and may not be worn in the classroom.
5. The school reserves the right to prohibit the wearing of any clothing that it considers objectionable, in poor taste, or is offensive in any manner.
6. Any student with a tattoo must keep it covered at all times in school and at all sporting and other school events.
7. No beads of any kind can be worn.
8. No shaved slits in eyebrows are permitted.