All classes will be held via Distance Learning until June 26th, 2020.


Mrs. Providencia Quiles

Phone: 718-763-1100 X223

Ms. Nancy Roberts
Assistant Principal of Academics

Phone: 718-763-1100 ext.248
Mr. Al Pratt
Dean of Student Life

Phone: 718-763-1100 ext.224
Ms. Sandy Michel
Admissions Director

Phone: 718-763-1100 ext.227
Mr. Robert DiRe
Director of Advancement

Phone: 718-763-1100 ext.232
Mr. Richard Borecky
Business Manager

Phone: 718-763-1100 ext.265
Ms. Natalia Rodriguez
Principal’s Assistant
Phone: 718-763-1100 ext.256
Ms. Naomi Alexis
Admissions Assistant
Phone: 718-763-1100 ext.226
Ms. Jessica Dantzler
Tuition Assistant
Phone: 718-763-1100 ext.228
Ms. Samantha Trama
Attendance Assistant
Phone: 718-763-1100 ext.225
Ms. Joanna Dove
Guidance Counselor
Phone: 718-763-1100 ext.246
Ms. Katherine Michalatos
PDHP Counselor
Phone: 718-763-1100 ext. 251
Ms. Natalia Rahman
College Counselor
Phone: 718-763-1100 ext.








Ms. Gina Allison
Coordinator of the Religion, Resource Room and Fine Arts Departments
Math Teacher
Ms. Sabrina Aponte
Coordinator of the Science and Technology Departments
Science Teacher
Ms. Blair Thompson
Coordinator of the English and Social Studies Departments
English Teacher









Ms. Damaris Batista
Spanish Teacher
Mr. Richard Bomzer
Music Teacher
Ms. Stephanie Cruz
Math Teacher
Ms. Rita DePena
Math Teacher
Ms. Tiffany Davis
English Teacher
Mr. Rick Dolan
Physical Education Teacher
Mr. Christopher Gando
Spanish Teacher
Mr. Steve George
Religion and Campus Ministry
Mr. Ron Kelley
ocial Studies Teacher
Mr. Paul Meyerend
Ms. Leatha Recio-Cruz
cience Teacher
Mr. Francis Sabio
Technology Teacher
Ms. Teresa Sacks
Religion and Science Teacher
Ms. Bridget Sanfilippo
Social Studies Teacher
Ms. Diana Wells
Social Studies Teacher
Mr. John Belmar
Facilities Manager
Mr. Eduardo Mardonez
Mr. Manny Trama
Mr. Michael Camacho
Substitue Teacher
Mr. Luis West
Security Officer
Ms. Laura Whelan
School Nurse

Phone: 718-763-1100 ext. 238
Mr. John Galvin
Special Education Teacher