Sophomore Leadership Program

On Wednesday, October 11 2017, while the juniors were taking their PSAT, the Class of 2020 participated in the Sophomore Leadership Program. Dressed professionally, our sophomores gathered to listen to guest speaker Paul Sealy speak about the characteristics of a good leader, reinforcing many of the qualities Mrs. Quiles and the entire faculty instill in the students every day. After Mr. Sealy addressed the students, they broke up into smaller groups to participate in three out of four sessions on the specifics of leadership and how it applies to different facets of life. Mr. Bryer held a session on Leadership in Politics, Mr. Hewitt’s session involved Traits of Leadership as instilled by the Marine Corps, Ms. Aponte addressed Leadership as a tactic for promoting Anti-Bullying, and Mr. Kelley was able to speak on Leadership in Athletics. All the teachers involved as well as Mr. Sealy and Ms. Roberts deserve a round of applause for putting this great program together, and the Class of 2020 deserves equal praise for committing to the qualities of leadership every day at Nazareth.