All classes will be held via Distance Learning until June 26th, 2020.

General Information

  • Nazareth’s graduation rate is near or at 100% every year
  • Over 98% of graduates attend college
  • Graduates of 2019 earned over $10,000,000 in scholarships
  • Students have the potential to earn over 50 college credits before they graduate
  • Nazareth has a 3D Virtual Lab and 3D Printing (students can travel and walk through the Shakespearean theatre, conduct exploratory surgery on a heart, or visit the Egyptian Pyramids, etc.)
  • Technology program provides a laptop to every student
  • Freshmen will take a computer coding Java Script Course
  • Google Classroom and other programs utilized to bring education to life
  • Outstanding co-ed College Catholic Preparatory Program
  • Competitive Robotics and Engineering Clubs
  • Arthur Ashe/SUNY Downstate Pre-Med Program
  • Fine Arts Program (music, dance and art)
  • A wide variety of sports and extra-curricular programs including football, boys and girls basketball, baseball, track, softball and volleyball
  • A safe, caring learning environment
  • Transfer students welcomed at every grade level
  • Parents have 24-hour internet access to grades and assignments
  • After-school homework assistance and tutoring available

Before Applying

8th grade students should take the TACHS Admissions Examination, indicating Nazareth Regional HS (Code 006) as their first, second, or third choice. For class scheduling purposes, applicants must also provide their 6th, 7th, and 8th grade and standardized test scores for review.

Nazareth RHS offers a TACHS preparatory course for this exam over a five-week Saturday morning schedule, preceding the examination in November, at a nominal fee. Please contact Ms. Michel at (718) 763-1100 ext. 227 for test prep information.

Open Admissions

Nazareth has an Open Enrollment period in the spring.  For more information or to set up an interview, call Ms. Michel on ext. 227.


An interview appointment must be made with the Director of Admissions; a parent/guardian must attend this meeting. Transfer students must present a school transcript, last report card, a letter of recommendation and a discipline report when attending this meeting. Kindly call (718) 763-1100 ext. 227 to set up an appointment.


Scholarship opportunities are available to incoming freshman only.  Nazareth offers scholarships based on the student’s TACHS exam results and middle school achievements. If a student did not take the TACHS test, he/she can register to take Nazareth’s Private Scholarship exam (test date TBD). The fee for the exam is $50. The student must register for the exam and bring their middle school grades (6th, 7th, and 8th grade) to be considered for a scholarship.

The Nazareth Catholic High School Scholarship Program (also known as “NAZ CARES”) was initiated to aid Catholic elementary school students who wish to attend Catholic high school, but lack the financial means to do so.  The Principal at the Catholic middle school will nominate one student per year.