All classes will be held via Distance Learning until June 26th, 2020.

About Us


Nazareth RHS is a Catholic college preparatory high school sponsored by the Xaverian Brothers. We maintain a rigorous academic environment where students develop a life-long intellectual curiosity which empowers them to think independently in an ever-changing global community. We provide unique opportunities that develop students’ spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth. Our scholars are prepared to be successful, contributing members of society


The first semester of the initial year of Nazareth High School was spent at the newly completed Bishop Kearney High School, since Nazareth’s building was yet unfinished.  In the spring of 1963, Bishop Brian McEntegart dedicated the new building, and the first class of freshmen joined the small Nazareth faculty in moving into their own school.  The Catholic people of Brooklyn had generously given millions of dollars to ensure the continuance of Catholic secondary education in the Diocese of Brooklyn.  Brother John Olsen, C.F.X., served as first Principal from that year until 1966.  He, and the other Xaverian Brothers and Catholic laymen who administered and staffed the new school, chose to center the goals of Nazareth around the theme “wisdom, age, and favor with God” because these were the qualities of Jesus as described in Scripture as he grew up in the town of Nazareth.

The first class of Nazareth Kingsmen graduated in June of 1966.  Nazareth prospered in those years using new educational methods that characterized the school as a forward looking, progressive institution.

In 1974, the Principal, Brother Mathew Burke, with the encouragement of Bishop Francis Mugavero, formed a new Catholic school governed by a Board of Trustees because the Diocese could no longer continue to subsidize the school.  The new school was called Nazareth Regional High School and was staffed mostly by Catholic laymen along with some religious men and women.  In 1976, the school admitted women for the first time, and in June, 1980 the first female valedictorian was selected.

In 1994, Nazareth Regional High School was formally affiliated with the network of schools sponsored by the Xaverian Brothers American Province.  As a Xaverian Brothers sponsored school, Nazareth is part of a proud and distinguished legacy of educational excellence that is the Xaverian Brothers’ tradition.

In February of 2012, the Board of Trustees of Nazareth Regional High School, citing financial concerns and low enrollment, announced that Nazareth would be closing in June, 2012. However, due to the remarkable response, and passion displayed by the Nazareth community, including students, families, alumni, administrators, coaches, faculty and staff the Board of Trustees again voted, only two months later, unanimously deciding to reverse its decision and keep the school open. The key to all of this was the strategic development of the Principal’s Plan, which laid the ground work for securing Nazareth financially for the next four years, through the 2015-16 school year. In addition, Nazareth would not have remained open if it were not for the exceptional support of Sharon Patrick.  Nazareth has repaid its loan and is financially sound.  Enrollment is up over 30% in the past five years, every student receives a laptop, a new 3-D Virtual Lab has been created and a new science lab and media center have been built.  The curriculum has become even more rigorous; Nazareth students have the opportunity to earn over 50 college credits while still in High School.  Nazareth is once again returning to its roots of being a forward-looking, progressive institution that emphasizes the use of technology to enhance student’s success.  Nazareth RHS continues to be “Where Bright Futures Begin.”


1. We believe God is present in each person.

2. We believe that all our students have unique and special talents and should be challenged to their maximum potential through a rigorous academic program.

3. We believe our students are our primary focus and that their best interests must guide every decision that we make.

4. We believe in the Xaverian Brothers values of humility, trust, zeal, compassion and simplicity.

5. We believe that every member of the Nazareth community must respect and treat one another with dignity and kindness, so that we can all study and work in a safe and healthy environment.

6. We believe that learning is a combined partnership of students, teachers, parents and the community.

7. We believe in maintaining a standard of teaching excellence by continually improving our craft.

8. We believe that our school is a place that fosters the development of confidence, leadership and friendship.

9. We believe in respecting the differences of society’s ethnic, racial and religious populations.

10. We believe that service to the community fosters awareness of the needs of others, promotes a love of justice, and answers the call of Jesus to serve others.  


A graduate of Nazareth Regional High School will be:

1. Spiritually fit and mature.  After studying the Gospel, the teachings of Christ, and the charisms of the Xaverian brothers, students will internalize these values not only to better themselves, but also to leave a positive imprint on the world around them.

2.  A capable, creative thinker, reader, writer and communicator.  He/she will be able to apply the skills gained from both inside and outside the classroom to real world scenarios and other rigorous academic environments.

3. Socially conscious and compassionate. Graduates will make decisions based on Catholic values and seek to better the world around him/her.


1. Spiritual

Reflective:  They give meaningful and thoughtful consideration to their learning experiences.  They are able to understand where they succeeded as well as where they can improve.

Moral: Our graduates understand how to differentiate between what is right from wrong, and have the conviction to take a clear stance on his or her belief.

Humble:  They will exercise humility in face of achievement and failure. While encompassing the teachings of Christ and the morals of the Xaverian Brotherhood, our graduates have learned to accept accolades without excess of emotion and accept failure without an outpouring of defeat.

2. Capable and Creative Thinkers

Inquirers:  They develop a life-long intellectual curiosity about the world and maintain a sense of wonder and imagination into their adult years. They also develop the necessary skill-sets to acquire the information they are curious about in the 21st century world.

Thinkers:  They apply thinking skills that are independent and critical as they approach new problems and new information.

Communicators:  They understand their ideas and express them thoughtfully and deliberately in either a public or private arena. Our graduates can do so in more than one language and are conscious of not only content, but also the audience and purpose.

3. Socially Adept

Compassionate:  Our Graduates show compassion for all members of society. This starts with strong listening skills and a foundation of understanding that every person you encounter has something valuable to offer.

Open-minded:  They understand and appreciate their own cultures, religions, and personal histories and are able to understand and respect other cultures and religions. They graduate knowing that it is better to accept others’ beliefs than to judge others’ beliefs, because acceptance is the true definition of Christian values.

Proactive:  Our graduates are leaders. They do not simply wait for opportunities to present themselves. They are taught to be assertive and to use tact in order to achieve their goals.