Youth Views: How has your mother impacted your life?


Keira Matos, senior Nazareth Regional H.S.



My mother has a great impact on my life. She is always there for me, every accomplishment and hardship. She always knows exactly what to tell me. She’s my best friend.


Isaiah Griffin, senior Nazareth Regional H.S.



My mother has taught me how to treat everyone around me with respect and to be kind to all people.


Shonnyvelle A. Regalado junior Nazareth Regional H.S



My mother has impacted my life so much. I am a respectful young lady because of her. She’s all I have.


Alexa Carril, sophomore Nazareth Regional H.S



My mother is my everything. She helps and guides me in the right direction. She does everything to benefit my future and I don’t know what I’d do without her.


William Etokhana, sophomore Nazareth Regional H.S


My mom has impacted my life by teaching me about morals and helping me understand how life works.


Matthew Jean Pierre freshman Nazareth Regional H.S


My mother taught me how to become a better man. She’s taught me that love is a great thing and that you must always chase after your dreams.