The Courses

Nazareth Regional High School strives to inspire our student’s unique talents, while balancing their critical and creative thinking across the curriculum. Our long tradition of academic rigor is designed to inspire and motivate student interest, and create a love of learning.

Sample Programs for our students year by year are as follows:


  • Religion 9
  • English 9
  • English 9 Honors
  • Living Environment (Regular or Honors)
  • Common Core Algebra (Regular or Honors)
  • Global History I (Regular or Honors)
  • Physical Education or Dance
  • Code Java/Java II
  • Spanish I

  • Religion 10
  • Global History II or AP World History
  • Common Core English 10 or Advanced Literature
  • Common Core Geometry
  • Chemistry Honors or Physics
  • Physical Education or Weight Training
  • Spanish II
  • Street Law/Constitutional Law/Music/Dance
  • Health
  • Code Java/Java II

  • Religion 11
  • English 11 or AP Language
  • US History or AP US History
  • Common Core Algebra II / Trigonometry (Regular or Honors)
  • Physics or Anatomy, Physiology, or Forensic Science
  • Physical Education or Weight Training
  • Spanish III
  • Psychology or Sociology

  • Religion 12
  • College Composition and Literature and Film or AP English
  • American Government and Economics or AP World History
  • Pre-Calculus and Calculus and/or Statistics
  • Environmental Science or Anatomy and Physiology or Forensic Science or Intro to College Chemistry
  • Physical Education or Weight Training
  • Introduction to Creative Writing
  • Psychology or Sociology

College Credit Options

Juniors and Seniors enrolled in eligible courses at Nazareth can earn up to 35 college credits through our partnership with St. John’s University’s College Advantage Program. Successful students can transfer these credits to the college of their choice in most cases, thus starting ahead of other students when beginning their collegiate careers at campuses across the country.

College Advantage courses for the 2016-2017 school year include:

College Composition3 credits
American Literature3 credits
Introduction to Creative Writing3 credits
Pre-Calculus3 credits
Calculus4 credits
Calculus II4 credits
Statistics6 credits
Advanced World History3 credits
Psychology3 credits
Sociology3 credits